FIRST AIRED: September 20, 2016

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you want long range missiles done well, do it yourself. North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, getting hands on Tuesday. State media media reporting, he's supervised a rocket engine test hailed as a success, leading him to call for a new satellite launch as soon as possible. Reuters Jack Kim explains how it could all actually mean a big leap for Pyongyang's weapons.
>> South Korea's military said that the engine test could be something that will be used for North Korea's long range missiles. It indicates that North Korea is continuing to work on the long range missile program which also includes the pursuit to build an intercontinental ballistic missile, which if, when it gets functional, will put all of the United States in range.
>> Meanwhile, US President, Barack Obama, and China's Premier, Li Keqiang, agreeing to work together on Monday. Looking for an answer to the North Korean weapons' threat after its fifth nuclear test earlier this month. The Wall Street Journal reporting Tuesday authorities from both sides cracking down on a little known Chinese trading conglomerate, called Hongxiang Industrial.
>> The company does a lot of business with North Korea, it's believed to have done more than $500 million worth of trading in a span of four to five years doing business with North Korea in this way. For example, trading in commodities that could be used for a nuclear program, is sanctioned under various sanctions regimes including the US government sanctions.
>> Diplomats tell Reuters, Washington and Beijing are also talking about joining up at the UN to try and push through fresh sanctions to punish the North. The only hang up, so far, Beijing's made no commitments one way or the other.>> That would