FIRST AIRED: September 20, 2016

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>> They're as iconic as Big Ben and black cabs, but these days they're mostly used by tourists. I'm Reuters' Emily Wither in London, where the red phone box is in decline. Attempts to save them have seen some turned into coffee shops, libraries, and now offices. The company Pod Works are converting hundreds of phone boxes into the country's smallest offices, hoping to lure those who usually sit in coffee bars into revamped booths.
Not for the claustrophobic, they'll be dotted across the UK for busy people on the go. You sign up to use the service for a monthly fee. Inside the pod, we have a scanner, we have a color printer. We also have a VoIP phone, where you can make free local national mobile calls.
We have a universal supply of sockets, and a desk that you can work from.>> Are people going be able to sit down in here though?>> Absolutely, the stools coming in a couple of days, which we'll be putting in then. The idea is, by making this national treasure useful again, they'll stop disappearing from street corners.
>> In the 1980s, we had over 78,000 red telephone boxes around the UK, and now we're down to less than 7,500. And so what we thought, it was a good idea to repurpose these and take them into the 21st century. Once again these little booths will be used for phone calls and not just photo ops.