FIRST AIRED: September 20, 2016

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>> Food, medicine and supplies, enough for nearly 80,000 people in war torn Syria. 18 of these trucks destroyed in an airstrike late on Monday night. At least one Syrian Red Cresent worker and several civilians killed. An unconfirmed death toll of up to 12 people. The trucks will bringing relief to a hard to reach town near Aleppo.
Aid workers saying the convoy was struck twice with barrel bombs. The second hit targeting people who had rushed to the site to help. A Red Crescent warehouse also damaged. Monitors say either Syrian or Russian aircraft bomb the convoy, and also pummeled areas in and around Aleppo with more than 35 strikes.
The UN suspending all convoy movements in Syria, following what it called a callous strike, and if deliberate, a war crime. The attacks comes on the heels of an announcement by Syria that a fragile seven-day ceasefire, brokered by the US and Russia is over. It was already under strain after warplanes from the US led coalition against Islamic state, hit Syrian troops in Eastern Syrian at the weekend.
Russia said more than 60 soldiers were killed. The ceasefire was US presidents Barrack Obama's last chance to negotiate an end to Syria's civil war. Washington says it's outraged at the convoy bombing, and will now reassess future corporation with Moscow.