FIRST AIRED: October 6, 2016

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>> This is the world's oldest toy shop. And this is the world's biggest Nerf gun. And it's shot its way up into this year's top ten Christmas toys. Yes, the calendar may only have just tipped into October, but for retailers Christmas comes early. I'm Reuters' reporter Rosanna Philpott in Hamleys in London amongst what they predict to be this year's Christmas best sellers.
So I don't have kids, so for me some of these are a bit mystifying, like Go Jetters, but my colleague has informed me that his kids are gonna go crazy for them. But there's also some resurgence like Sylvanian Families and unsurprisingly, Pokemon. Another seriously old-school comeback for under this year's tree is Brio, which has been around since 1884.
And, as long as the Star Wars franchise continues to churn out movies, Lego will remain a consistent classic. Troll dolls also making a return ahead of DreamWorks Trolls film release in October. But it's clear things have moved on since the 90s. For 50 pounds this one walks, talks and dances.
But it gets much techier than that. This generation's kids now have their own smartwatch to lust after. Something to wear whilst they cruise around in a Mini Beach Como with Bluetooth sound system. Other household fav's for under the tree, getting smashed in the face with whipped cream and a good old fashioned magic show, aimed tearing both adults and kids away from their smartphones.