FIRST AIRED: October 5, 2016

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>> This one where you can just kinda go to the tape on it.>> Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine's strategy in taking on his Republican counterpart Mike Pence in Tuesday's debate was straightforward. Force him to defend GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Pence's defense, deny and deflect. Reuters' political correspondent James Olyphant.
>> We all expected Pence to be kind of a cleanup man for Trump and explain some of his positions and some of his more outlandish statements. But weirdly enough, at times, Pence took more the tact that Trump never said the things that Tim Kaine has said that Trump has said, which in a weird is sort of distorting reality.
Specifically, when Kaine referred to Trump saying NATO is obsolete. Pence said Trump never said that. Trump has said that.>> I think NATO's obsolete.>> When Kaine said that Trump had said that Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama.>> Donald Trump and Mike Pence have said he's a great leader.
>> But certainly in that system, he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader.>> Pence said that Trump never said that.>> That is absolutely inaccurate.>> And in fact, Pence actually has also said that.>> Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country.
>> So it was a little bit of a game that Pence was playing in that, he was sort of counting on the public to not recognize the fact that Trump indeed had said all those things. Instead he basically denied that they ever happened.>> When pressed on policy, particularly foreign policy, Pence seemed eager to dish out traditional Republican ideology, regardless of Trump's positions.
>> At times, he seemed to pretend that Donald Trump didn't exist. That he was the nominee and he was articulating basically traditional Republican conservative positions. It's hard to find a much more generic Republican than Mike Pence. But he did a good job and he was effective, and he probably reassured, at least some portion of the Republican electorate, that Trump's campaign isn't as far out there as it seems to be.
>> Tuesday marking the only Vice Presidential matchup of 2016. Clinton and Trump will square off in their second debate Sunday night.