FIRST AIRED: September 29, 2016

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>> The place where the Charlie Hebdo attackers went into hiding reopened by the French president. In January last year, the Kouachi brothers opened fire at an editorial meeting of the satirical magazine, 11 people were killed. They then fled to this printing plant north of the capital. The owner of the building, Michelle Catalano, was held hostage whilst graphic designer, Lillian LePare hid in the canteen for eight hours.
After a two day manhunt, police located, cornered, and killed the Islamist militants.
> I cannot forget what happened, because even today when I came back inside this building, it's actually difficult.
Fight also with the mind, with ideas, with culture, with arts to show what human kind is and tthat it must repel hatred and intolerance.>> Later, Hollande honoring the two men taken hostage with the French Medal of Honor.>>
Strangely, people cannot understand. There are times when it's hard, so it's a constant struggle against myself.>> But it's a battle I have fought for 20 months to show that even when you have a significant trauma there are hard times, but I know we can overcome them.>> The attacks prompted a worldwide solidary movement.
The Je suis Charlie slogan going viral on social media.