FIRST AIRED: September 24, 2016

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>> Give us the tapes. Just give us the tapes.>> Hundreds of protestors gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina Friday night, just hours after the family of Keith Scott released their video of his fatal shooting by police. But it's the police videos of the shooting that are once again the focus.
Reuters correspondent Robert MacMillan was there in the run up to a midnight curfew.>> It's Friday night. It's a fresh night of protest. And protestors tonight are calling for the release of police tapes that would hopefully shed some more light for them on the killing of Keith Scott here.
>> Don't shoot him.>> Earlier Friday, Scott's family shared this cell phone video taken by his wife showing the minutes leading up to his shooting.>> He has no weapon.>> In it, she's heard pleading with police not to shoot her husband, moments before they open fire. The footage doesn't show the shooting or whether Scott was armed as police claimed.
>> Drop the gun.>> On Thursday, members of the Scott family were allowed to view the police video of the encounter. They described it as harrowing, but said it should be made public. Despite the pressure, Charlotte's Police Chief on Friday, saying that the video was but one piece of evidence and should not be taken out of context.
Friday, several protestors wrote the names of victims of other police shootings in the streets, as armed National Guards stood by.>> A few moments ago, we did something that, for me, was a personal first. We walked on a federal highway and the protesters entered I-277, that's Interstate 277.
And we were walking along there on the highway, which was completely shut down to traffic. But there were no arrests.>> Police walking along in some stretches, not just to maintain the peace but also, they said, as a gesture of goodwill.