FIRST AIRED: October 6, 2016

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>> Florida Governor Rick Scott has already imposed an evacuation order which affects 1.5 million people. And traffic on highways leading north and west show that a large percentage of the population is in fact heeding that. However, I've been and spent much of my day today in Cocoa Village, just on the near side of Merritt Island which is a little bit sheltered from the Atlantic.
And here I found a lot of people who are planning to ride out the storm. I spoke with one gentleman, the owner of a pizza restaurant, who had packed his wife, daughter, grandchildren, two dogs, and three cats into a car that was headed to Orlando, which is far inland and generally believed to be a little bit safer from the ocean's fury.
He himself, however, was planning to spend the night in his restaurant. He had a bunker-like room on the inside, all concrete walls, where he felt that he would be safe from the storm, but in the position to protect his property if he needed to do so. Some area residents admitted to having mixed feelings about their decision to weather out the storm.
I spoke with one guy, a retired US Army Officer who has handled storm response throughout the United States during his career, who said that he and his wife decided several days ago that they were going to stay put. This morning, woke up, saw the final forecast, were not entirely happy with that decision.
But they had found that, at that point, between the traffic and the concerns about getting gas, that their best option was to ride out the storm. He did point out that his house was fairly new construction, fairly hurricane proof, he had shutters up. But his plan's for now just to see what Matthew brings.