FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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i mea please please uderwritig doald trump political obituary afteroo talk to joh mccai but supporters are still stickig by him i mea elegat political correspodet for reuters i washigto i've spoke to may trump supporters over the past few days ad oly a few of them stated that his commets about mccai are makig them we that their support most of them say there's a big differece whatsoever ad they're still stadig by their ma mister trump cotiues to ru roughshod over a twety sixtee rivals tuesday callig south carolia seator lidsey graham a idiot ad givig out a cell phoe umber so , give it a shot trumpet this poit is drawig support from a less educated less affluet republicas are those who make less tha fifty thousad dollars a year i , likely to have a college , a lot of people i spoke with a really disaffected with the way the coutry's goig there really uhappy with other republica party as well as presidet obama i the democrats are they're lookig for somebody who has o experiece whatsoever with politics they see that as a asset ow accordig to our reuters ipsos trackig poll i tured ad walked a little bit about what you did last week whe he led the pack by a wide margi last tuesday he was leadig jeb bush by eight percetage poits ow either effectively tied it aroud sevetee percet each ad this whole icidet really poits to the threat that trump poses for the republica party as a whole is ot likely to wi the omiatio but he could damage the republica graite