FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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we've had a really good turout everywhere writte off as a afterthought whe he jumped ito the twety sixtee raised te days ago ohio goveror joh casey is provig the doubters wrog surgig ito the top te i the pack g. o. p. field ad laded himself a likely spot i the crucial first debate i clevelad o august sixth so i feel pretty good about thigs multiple atioal polls icludig reuters ipsos showcase pick breakig ito the middle tier rubbig shoulders with marco rubio ad rad paul after less tha two weeks o the trail political reporter steve hollad says that's right where catholic blocs usually sittig goveror , former chairma of the house budget committee , help balace the budget while he was i cogress , ad he is curretly a sittig goveror of ohio ad as opposed to some of his oppoets who have't bee i a office i some years little we goig to do about her , okay six burst fueled i part by massive spedig o ads by a super pac i key early votig state ew hampshire i do't thik it's a good leader really reach polls are you shootig to be a maverick i the joh mccai bowl he accepted the expasio of medicaid i ohio uder obamacare whe other republica goverors like rick perry made a big show of refusig it ad it lookig more ad more like case agai ot perry will be takig oe of oly te spots o the debate stage ext week we are goig to go ad wi this electio ew jersey goveror chris christie oce ridig high could also missed the cut , despite campig out ew hampshire christie is ow ruig well behid , kate picked i the latest state ad atioal polls ad for lower tier cadidate missed i the first debate could well be the ed of the road