FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2015

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mda debate has ot eve begu i cogress over the historic uclear deal with ira but the world is't waitig the cotroversial agreemet gettig a major good moday from the uited atios , the security coucil uaimously edorsig the terms egotiated idiaa that will lift ecoomic sactios o ira while reigig i ay plas for a uclear bomb u. . reuters reporter michelle ickel creek to deal keep ira uder shortly , uder the resolutio adopted today it's iroic placemet , all the previous , what about , also ot waitig for cogress is approval the europea uio foreig miisters formally edorsig the deal moday i brussels , ow the heaters o cogress to get i lie with may republicas that wig to put up a fight u. s. secretary of state joh kerry paitig a dire picture it deal fall apart if cogress as well i this field , the there will be o restraits o , there will be o sactios last , our frieds i this effort will blizzard , we will be viewed as havig killed the opportuity to stop them from havig a weapo , they will begi to a rich agai ad the greater likelihood is what the presidet said the other day you'll have the war , lawmakers have sixty days to pour over the details before decidig whether to approve or reject it