FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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but now it's just the rhetoric being ratcheted up but persians prime minister seems to be pushing for more than stronger words in the fight against islamic state , david cameron is said in an interview with will cost the n. b. c. that the u. k. is committed to helping the u. s. destroyer the extremist group leading the country should be doing more his conservative government all thought to be championing get extended strongly carrier for the r. a. f. to include syria you kate's airforce already conducts combat missions and skies over iraq , trying to do the next few days i'm not advocating it might because i absolutely think is right to try to give the existing strategy properly implemented so wins but if it doesn't work often nine to twelve months and your objective remains uncertain then you better look at how you doing it and if it means that you could %HESITATION you should do %HESITATION we're gonna put boots on the grounds that i think is going to do with the iraq war still toxic in public discourse boots on the ground maybe some way off , any crease of the u. k. is military role would need the backing of parliament cameron is causing his opposite number in the labor party inviting her to a high level intelligence , week , but what we suffered a setback friday when it emerged british pond is embedded with canadian and u. s. forces have already poems syrian targets , knowledge but he the way before extending the u. k. is rolled through a new front cameron plans to tackle the who mourn , well monday the prime minister is expected to give a speech outlining the government's plans to tackle radicalization and extremism in britain