FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2015

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the nuclear deal that was signed on tuesday morning between iran and six world powers does lift most of the sanctions on iran but american companies will still be left out in the cold , i'm gonna talk about c. m. a reuters energy correspondent here in washington arron has eighty million people who by and large are hungry for western products , now while this deal ensures that european companies will be up by and large able to go back into iran and serve those markets u. s. companies will largely be left out and the reason is that longstanding u. s. sanctions on %HESITATION trade with iran by u. s. companies or u. s. persons will remain in place even after a deal is implemented a some of the harshest sanctions came into place in nineteen ninety six and they were really due to reasons beyond the nuclear issue including a ron's a support for militant groups and with the u. s. calls its support for terrorism and also its human rights record so european companies already appear to be jumping ahead and and and trying to re establish links with iran previously the oil exports of iran were limited to about a million barrels a day it can now increase that once the sanctions are lifting goes into effect , so one exception to a ban on u. s. businesses operating in iran will be in civil aviation u. s. companies will be able to lease or sell a civil aviation aircraft to iran but they will still have to apply for licenses to do so from the u. s. treasury department we are hearing indications that as the other sanctions are lifted on european companies %HESITATION that u. s. companies will start to get a bit more restless and and try to push lawmakers lift these restrictions are allow them back and in some way as well