FIRST AIRED: July 31, 2015

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the umber of u. s. troops i iraq ad afghaista the all time low rather tha cuttig the atiwar budget cogress is goig to make it bigger , i'm wor strobel diplomatic correspodet i washigto where lawmakers are movig ahead with a iety billio dollar war budget , the dates to the days right after the ie eleve attacks , tur ito more of a budget relief valve , payig for all kids of thigs that little or othig to do with the wars i iraq afghaista ad syria , it's called the overseas cotigecy operatios fud or oqo jurors reportig is foud that less tha a third of the moey proposed by cogress this year we're goig to actually fightig wars list of questio which metios pay for o the oqo fuds log ad icludes a oe billio dollar atioal guard ad reserve equipmet fud that the petago did't eve ask for a hudred ad te millio dollars to reassure u. s. allies i europe two hudred billio dollars for peacekeepig i somalia ad hudreds of millios of dollars to trai other coutry security forces , so why did they do this , put simply oqo is budget magic ad allows cogress ad the presidet to keep spedig o defese while avoidig strict budget caps that were imposed i two thousad eleve there's gotta captured reached a process called sequestratio ca , forcig across the board budget cuts , throughout the u. s. govermet , so to avoid that all sorts of programs fid their way ito the war budget , aother rule debate over oqo could fially come to a head this fall i a major budget showdow betwee the cogress ad presidet obama obama's threate to veto republica plas to add thirty eight billio dollars i o war spedig to elko that could lead to a showdow where govermet agecies are ufouded ad ultimately have to shut dow