FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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a source tellig reuters debris most likely from a boeig seve seve seve reuters aviatio specialist alcott that this would be a critical discovery if there turs out that it is a triple simo boeig triple seve airplaes there's ot a lot of those are goig missig i thik oly four that have actually crash that way so this will be a very strog idicatio that god is the oe that wet mad , that would cofirm all of the theories about the plae basically beig a zombie claims where for some reaso ad the passegers ad crew more ucoscious ad the plae kept flyig ito the idia ocea ad evetually crash ad rested o the seabed from des are out of sight of all the people are tryig to fid it o the , search ad rescue crews the washed up a wig flap wated foud by officials local residets say they stumbled oto it are where we saw it while we were walkig i told myself it degree we will close the for a better look at my floor wearig a search missio led by australia had bee lookig for the plae sice march last year more tha two hudred passegers ad crew disappeared with the flight obody had ever bee foud