FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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the f. b. i. digging into the middle east ties of alleged chattanooga killer mohamad jusuf abdul aziz national security reporter marcos and ball is on the story they do have some evidence that he made at least one trip possibly more than one trip to the middle east on a surly went to jordan which i believe his family or relatives may have lived in the , i'm point he may also going to yemen although the u. s. has not confirmed that yet there certainly terrorist groups in yemen that have targeted the united states in the past so far no concrete connection to radical groups like islamic state but his actions suggest a clear plan surly looking , at a possible , no terrorist to religious motivation for this if this guy does seem to have been , i don't have very religious but on the other hand very careful in the targets that he selected some of these self radicalized people levels they call them , this person , apparently carefully chose what he seems to regard his military targets irony military offices of recruiting stations and then shot and killed military u. s. military personnel abdul aziz is father a chattanooga local was once investigated for ties to islamic militants but was cleared