FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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>> Are good people who love this country.>> In a stunning move Thursday, Paul Ryan refusing to support Donald Trump as the Republican Party's presumptive nominee. The Speaker of the House telling CNN it's time for Trump to set aside bullying, adding, I'm just not ready to support the New York billionaire.
>> I'm just not ready to do that at this point.>> Ginger Gipson is on the story.>> Paul Ryan's announcement today that he could not yet support Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the political establishment. This is gonna make it even harder for the Republican Party to unify behind Trump.
Paul Ryan is the highest elected Republican official in the land. And to have him say that he cannot yet get behind Donald Trump is going to make it really hard for the party to even give the sort of appearance that they're coming together behind his candidacy.>> Trump firing back, saying he's not ready to support House Speaker Ryan's agenda.
Ryan the latest in a series of high-profile Republican leaders refusing to embrace Trump. 2012 nominee Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain both say they'll skip the party's convention in Cleveland. And the last two Republican presidents, George W Bush and his father, saying they have no plans to endorse Trump.
This after conservative Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a rising star in the GOP, posted a 47 tweet storm of indignation, thoroughly slamming Trump and likely opponent Hillary Clinton, calling for an adult third party candidate to run against Trump and Clinton on behalf of the American people.>> We gotta all team up together.
The Republican Party has to come together, folks.>> Trump is trying to preempt the fact that some Republicans won't jump on board his candidacy, telling media in interviews this week that he's gonna bring the party together, but not everyone. He doesn't want the people who were mean to him anyway, so they can just not endorse him, as far he's concerned.
I think that it will put some strain on building a coalition. Every party wants to be unified going in and out of their convention.>> On Thursday, Trump making an attempt to mend fences starting with Latino voters. After attacking Mexican immigrants for months, tweeting a picture of himself eating a taco bowl at Trump Tower for Cinco De Mayo, adding, I love Hispanics.