FIRST AIRED: May 13, 2016

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>> What's stopping you driving an eco friendly car? Worried about where to plug in and recharge? What about hydrogen powered cars? Where can you refuel? I'm Reuter's reporter Stuart McDill at the wheel of a Hyundai IX 35, one of three hydrogen powered cars that you can buy in the UK today.
I'm driving towards a filling station with a difference, one that makes its own hydrogen on site. By the end of next year, there'll be 12 filling stations in the UK like this one, splitting water into hydrogen and air and redefining carbon free motoring. The filling station uses electricity from renewables to create hydrogen, which it stores in a tank on site.
The whole facility can be switched on and off by the power company, helping them balance demand on the grid. And it can pump gas into the national grid when it makes too much, helping you drive and heat your home, or saving solar or wind power as gas to use whenever you want.
Green power company ITM says fuel cells turning hydrogen into electricity solve two problems, the practicality of battery-powered electric cars and what to do with the UK's excess renewable energy. The CEO is Graham Cooley.>> You can refuel in three minutes and it will go over 300 miles. They are the limitations of a plug-in electric vehicle.
You'll also export the energy from the grid, from the power grid, in a much more effective way.>> All the major car manufacturers see hydrogen as the future of fuel, according Toyota's John Hunt.>> The issue is dispensing it and delivering it to vehicles, which is what we see here today, in terms of a new infrastructure being developed.
It's the delivery of the fuel, and it's a relatively straight forward process to do.>> There may only be a handful of hydrogen powered cars on the road at the moment, but quietly and cleanly, they and the infrastructure they need are coming.