FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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>> I think I present a unique package.>> He could be Donald Trump's Ralph Nader. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson could siphon off conservative votes from Trump in this year's elections, just as Nader did to democrat Al Gore in 2000.>> It is a real opportunity.>> Since Trump clinched the GOP nomination last week, Johnson has been on a media blitz, telling Reuters he and not some other third party savior is best able to capitalize on disenchantment with Donald Trump.
>> If I'm the nominee, I'm gonna be the only third party on the ballot in all 50 states. Nobody else is gonna be able to lay claim to that.>> A reason Monmouth University poll showed Johnson pulling that 11%, taking votes from Trump, but also from Hillary Clinton.
>> I'm more fiscally conservative than Ted Cruz, more liberal than perhaps Bernie Sanders on the social side.>> Johnson, the former CEO of a marijuana company, became known nationally as the veto-prone, two-term Republican Governor of heavily Democratic New Mexico, but later switched to the Libertarians.>> Well I think that's where most people in this country lie, that get government out of the bedroom when it comes to individual freedom and liberty.
Also, people recognize that, look, what we're doing spending wise by government is not sustainable. Be Libertarian with me for one election.>> They got 1.2 million votes in the 2012 election. This time, he hopes to do even better. If he can hit a 15% polling threshold to get on the debate stage in the fall.
>> The issue is being in the polls that determines who's in the debates. How can you be at 15% if you're not in the polls, and I do believe that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two most polarizing figures in American politics today. And then if my name were just included, that would be my pitch.
>> Johnson may have reason to be hopeful. Google searches of his name skyrocketed after Trump lock down the GOP nomination.>> Be libertarian with me this one time