FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2016

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>> I want the primaries to keep going. But everybody's out, I'm the only one left that's okay, right?>> A huge surge in the polls for Donald Trump. He's now running almost even with Hilary Clinton. After trailing her for quite some time, he's closed almost a double digit gap from last week.
I'm Chris Kahn, Reuters polling editor, and we've been asking this question for many, many months. The questions is if, in a general election, if it was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, which one would you vote for? For the most part, Hillary Clinton has been a statistically significant lead over Donald Trump for quite some time.
Every now and then he gets close and just recently over the past week, Donald Trump has surged in the polls. And there's a number of reasons for that. A few of them is, he's just dominated the headlines. This is a week in which Donald Trump has really consolidated support.
He's the presumptive GOP nominee now. He's taken on the Republican establishment, he's really kind of going back and forth with Paul Ryan, he's sparring publicly with a lot of the other leaders. He's someone that you really can't not pay attention to, and that's really affecting his numbers. This could signal a much closer race going forward.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two people who are relatively polarizing, unpopular with large swaths of the electorate. You know, voters really want to learn a lot more about both candidates. We ask questions like would you trust either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be Commander in Chief?
Or to manage the economy, or energy policy, or all sorts of things that are key Presidential duties. For the most part, a majority say no. They still wanna learn more about these candidates, there's still a lot of room to grow in this race. And so this really, you know, we're starting a general election which really, both of them are pretty much tied in our poll.
A lot can happen from here, we still have a lot to learn about these candidates, and this poll is showing that.