FIRST AIRED: May 13, 2016

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>> So we've had a pretty busy couple of weeks, right?>> As Donald Trump pivots to the middle with an eye on the general election, the conservative faithful are backing away, fearing the presumptive nominee's shifting stands on a host of issues, from taxes to trade, will leave them out in the cold.
>> I'm a conservative, but don't forget this is called the Republican Party. It's not called the Conservative Party.>> Reuter's political correspondent Ginger Gibson in Washington.>> There are a number of conservatives that are either withholding support or planning outright opposition to him. The concern that many Republicans have with Donald Trump is Trump didn't provide a lot of granular detail about his policies on issues like trade.
A number of Republicans think that free trade should be central to the party's platform. But Donald Trump has assailed free trade throughout the campaign.>> The fight with conservatives adding a new front in a widening conflict, sparked by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's refusal to back him.
>> There are a number of prominent conservatives who are unhappy with Trump. Eric Erickson, a well known blogger. Tony Perkins, who's led a conservative group for a number of years. Those people are needed for a Republican candidate to get elected.>> Trump also taking on prominent conservative evangelist, Russell Moore, after Moore called out his campaign.
>> We have this reality television, moral sewage.>> Trump firing back, saying Moore was a nasty guy with no heart. In an ominous sign for Trump, conservative leaders now demanding he show his cards to win their support.>> Donald Trump is being asked to write a lot more detail about what a Trump presidency would look like than other candidates have in the past.
He's being asked to name potential cabinet officials, people he would support to the Supreme Court. That's because there's a lot of questions about his judgment.>> We are gonna have one of the great victories you->> The real danger for Trump? The longer the party divisions linger, the less time he'll have to focus on beating Hillary Clinton in the fall.