FIRST AIRED: May 13, 2016

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>> With the future of the Republican Party on the line, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump, the GOP's top two, holding their high-wire meeting in Washington, Thursday. Hoping to patch over an ugly feud sparked by Ryan's refusal to back the presumptive nominee.>> He wants to meet, we're gonna see what happens.
>> But with Ryan and Trump bitterly at odds on nearly every issue from immigration to trade, reporter Steve Holland says don't hold your breath for a breakthrough.>> Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have very deep differences on some key issues, immigration, taxes. They represent very different factions in the party.
Trump has been such a lightning rod for criticism. Ryan feels like Trump is trying to drive people away, and that's not gonna win votes.>> Their differences start with Trump's call for the U.S. to slap a temporary ban on Muslims.>> A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.
>> What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for.>> Ryan has said that Trump's idea of banning Muslims from entering the country, it just does not reflect Republican values. And many of your Republican leaders are not even sure that, that's legal.>> On taxes, Trump unnerving Ryan and others who view any hint of a tax hike with outright horror.
>> Trump has wavered on whether he would increase taxes for the wealthy. The official Ryan and Republican position is that everyone should have tax cuts, including the wealthy.>> Ryan equally at odds with Trump on trade.>> He wants to be able to impose tariffs on certain goods and Ryan is more traditional on trade, free trade is good, it creates jobs.
>> I don't really know him.>> With so little in common no matter how the meeting goes a quick endorsement remains a long shot.>> They will have to find some way to finesse their differences in the name of party unity but make no mistake, there'll still be some big differences between these two men going forward.
>> I am a conservative.