FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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>> Formerly known as the sport of the moneyed elite, competitive sailing is trying to reinvent itself and become everyman's sport with mass appeal, a sort of NASCAR of the water.>> Welcome to the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series New York.>> I'm Mike Stone in Lower Manhattan.
For the first time since the 1920s, America's Cup competition is returning to New York City this weekend. I'm here in lower Manhattan with the Hudson River at my back and a beautiful skyline, where amazingly fast catamarans are gonna fly around the Hudson River with six boats from around the world, who will engage in fierce competition in a stadium-like setting here on the Hudson River.
The American's Cup is the oldest trophy in sport, it's over a 160 years old. Traditionally, the races were held off-shore, with billionaires at the helm. Now competitive sailing is choosing venues that are like stadiums, where competitive the competitors can be very close to a fan base. Sailing's reinvention is an attempt to create more drama out on the water.
These boats come out of the water and sail around at 40 miles an hour, something that is adrenaline-filled for spectators and the competitors. Ben Ainslie the skipper of Land Rover bar racing spoke to us about how the sport is changing and how he views sailing's future on the water.
So we're taking it from being a sport that was little tiny dots miles out to sea to being these fast and furious athletic boats right out, within yards of the shore front here in New York City.>> If you look back and saw in the past the problem was it wasn't exciting to watch on TV.
So what we did was change the boats. The boats are now the fastest boats in the world in the water. There's real risk. It takes real athletes. You're heavily undermanned. And it really is now the Formula One on water.>> The America's Cup World Series will be a series of events held in venues around the world.
Each venue has its own challenges. New York with its skyscrapers and furious current in the Hudson River is no exception. After this weekend's racing on the Hudson River, the America's Cup World Series heads to its second and final destination in the United States, Chicago.