FIRST AIRED: May 19, 2016

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>> Referencing Hitler in relation to the European Union is bound to get reactions, not all of them complimentary. Brexiteer Boris Johnson has said that EU shares a name of Hitler's, unifying Europe under one authority. Writing in The Telegraph, he concedes bureaucrats in Brussels are using different methods to the Nazi dictator.
But invoking Churchill, he also urges the British people to be the heroes of Europe again. Those vying to remain in the EU have accused Boris of playing a nasty game deploring his comments as simply laughable. But others in the Leave camp have jumped to his defense.>> Boris is right.
There have been lots of attempts by force to bring Europe together into a single state. As he says, they're doing it differently this time. They're doing it by stealth. They're doing it by lying to us. And he's right about that. The problem is whenever the word, Hitler gets to do anything, that name rather confuses things.
>> It's the latest in an increasingly heated battle for the hearts and minds of British voters. The Remain camp recently bolstered by interventions from the likes of the IMF and the US president. Obama warning that a UK outside the EU would go to the back of the queue in negotiating a US trade deal.
But in an interview with Piers Morgan for ITV's Good Morning Britain, Donald Trump said things would be different if he was in the White House.>> But it wouldn't make any difference to me whether they were in the EU or not.>> We wouldn't be back of the queue for trade?
>> You would certainly not be back in the queue. That I can tell you.>> Trump also cited immigration as a reason he wouldn't want to be in the EU club. Though stressed he didn't want to influence the opinion of British voters. But for better or worse, the words of the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate are likely to have some impact.