FIRST AIRED: May 13, 2016

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e sound of a ceasefire over. Amateur video posted online claims to show fighting breaking out between Syrian government forces and rebels north of Aleppo as the truce in this city expires. Aleppo was the country's biggest city before the conflict and now lies in ruins, divided between the government and rebels.
For many families, it's become too much to bear. Madi Narazan has the memories, but the place where she grew up, met her husband, and gave birth to her children is unrecognizable. A Christian woman of Armenian origin, she's decided to pack her bags and find refuge for her family somewhere in Europe.
> Scared for her sons, she hopes to join her husband in Germany.
But knows she has a long journey ahead, starting in Lebanon. She'll then try to make her way there.>>
]>> It's not clear if the ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia has any life left in it. And nearly ten days of bombardments by both the government side and insurgence in the city has killed more than 250 people.
Despite the bloodshed, Narazan says leaving was no easy decision. Before the fighting broke out, the city was home to over 2 million people, its dwindling population now very used to painful goodbyes.