FIRST AIRED: May 12, 2016

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>> We had a very good and encouraging productive conversation on.>> Paul Ryan upbeat and talking of unity after a climactic meeting with Donald Trump on Capitol Hill Thursday, but still in no hurry to throw his support behind the presumptive Republican nominee.>> I don't want us to have a fake unification process here.
It takes a little time. You don't put it together in 45 minutes.>> Emily Stevenson is on Capitol Hill.>> He doesn't sound sold. Donald Trump has not resolved the issues that exist in Paul Ryan's mind. The differences of opinion between the two of them on policy issues.
]>> The tete-a-tete complete with a media crush and protest worthy of a high stakes, international summit ended with cordial words from the Trump camp. Trump tweeting things working out really well. But it's clear Ryan and Trump still have much ground to cover on a mountain of issues that divide them, from trade to taxes to immigration.
And so from here we're gonna go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is and how we can make sure that we're operating off these same core principles.>> The House Speaker's worry, Trump's abrasive tone and calls to ban Muslims threaten to rob the party of votes it needs to win back the White House and hold on to Capitol Hill.
>> Law makers are kind of all over the map in how they feel about Donald Trump. He also met with Republican leaders from the House side, the Senate side, about ten Senators. And it's pretty unusual for such a substantial part of the Republican party, and especially the Speaker of the House, to be reserved at this point about their nominee for president, and to be withholding full support.
It sounds like, from the results of this meeting, Trump has some work to do.>> Asked if an endorsement of Trump was coming, Ryan didn't say. But after the two met, Ryan tweeting an image from what he said was his most important meeting of the day, Ryan in a room full of school children, not Donald Trump.