FIRST AIRED: May 28, 2018

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>> It's make or break time for what might be called the pleasure industry in Japan. Where the worlds the thinnest condoms are produced. The country wants to attract a major surge in tourists by the millions as it gets ready to host the rugby world cup next year, then the 2020 Olympics.
Companies like Sagami see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to put their brand into the pockets of, not only visitors, but also the athletes themselves.>> Only two companies, Sagami and Okamoto, produce 0.02 and 0.01 millimeter condoms. And we think the Olympics are a good chance to showcase this to the world.
>> They'll likely have a receptive audience, at least in the Olympic Village. Australian gold medalist Mark Russell once called it the most testosterone fueled place on earth. It's now tradition for organizers to hand out contraception ahead of the games. At Rio 2016, nearly half a million condoms were given out in the village.
But while condom makers want to raise their profile, others may want to boost the reputation. Japanese love hotels carry a notorious image linked almost exclusively to sex. They can be rented out by the hour. But times are changing. Travel website has already seen a 50% spike in visitors staying in love hotels in the past year.
They say a range of tourists see them as a cheap alternative.>> What's really interesting about the love hotel sector is that they have very interesting facilities. Some of them will also Is to have baths or very large rooms for families for example. So, we see that it's not just the type of customer that you would expect to go there.
>> Japan expects a shortage of accommodation for the Olympics, so these games maybe a chance for hotels that some might call, seedy, to shine.