FIRST AIRED: May 25, 2018

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>> Tesla bet big on its battery plant in the Nevada desert, but set backs there have put the brakes on production of its Model 3 sedan. And fixing problems at the firm's Gigafactory is no longer a matter of replacing a part here or there. Reuters has learned Tesla flew in a new production line, all the way from Europe.
Reuters correspondent, Alexandria Sage.>> This is really unusual for the automotive industry. You can imagine how heavy this equipment is, and so generally, people will use shipping to transport equipment like this. So, it really underscores the urgency with which Elon Musk needs to rectify these problems, these ongoing problems at the Gigafactory.
>> Tesla declined the comment, but analysts say mass production of the model 3 is key to Tesla's future financial stability and manufacturing missteps have led Tesla to repeatedly miss production targets for the Sedan.>> One source has said that engineers are now in Reno at the Gigafactory beginning to work on this line and the installation of this line.
We don't know how long it will take to install the line and certainly there's a lot of work involved in calibrating before it can reach the quantum leap in productivity that Elon Musk has said this production line will give them.>> Musk first disclosed plans for a new battery line in November after complaining about problems with an original line built by a subcontractor.
Production delays are only one challenge facing Tesla. It's been dealing with safety investigations following crashes, some involving its assisted driving autopilot system. And on Thursday, it settled a class action suit with buyers of its Model S and Model X for delays in making autopilot version 2.0 available and promised to compensate the owners.