FIRST AIRED: May 19, 2018

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>> In the wake of recent fatal mass shootings, several large financial institutions, including Citibank and Bank of America, announced they would no longer provide certain services to gunmakers.>> Take Citibank for example. They preemptively buckled under the pressure by refusing to cooperate with businesses that legally sell certain firearms.
>> The move outraged gun rights activists and groups such as the National Rifle Association.
me gun shops began refusing city and B of A credit cards. But now the gun lobby is raising the stakes and taking the fight to Capitol Hill. Gun Owners of America, a group that sees the NRA as too compromising on gun rights, is trying to get lawmakers rewriting bank regulations to include something extra.
Reuters correspondent Katanga Johnson is in Washington.>> So the gun lobby is trying to pursue the same of pushing back against lending institutions by very specifically including a provision in a deregulatory banking bill that's actually in the House right now and is set to be voted upon next week.
They're hoping that by including this provision, if passed, will restrict lending institutions from what it's calling discriminatory lending. And if it doesn't pass, they're hoping that lawmakers, they're asking them to not vote on the bill. So for them, this legislative action is their strongest response to banks that are restricting lending.
>> In March, Citigroup demanded new clients which sell guns require customers pass a background check. A few weeks later, Bank of America said it would no longer lend to gunmakers that manufacture military style weapons for civilians.