FIRST AIRED: May 28, 2018

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>> Columbia is headed for a divisive Presidential run-off after a general election failed to produce a clear winner. And the results could determine the fate of an historic peace agreement ending a 50-year Guerrilla war. Right winger Ivan Duque won Sundays first round with 39% of votes.
But fell short of the 50% threshold needed to win, forcing him to go head to head with the runner up, Leftist Gustavo Petro, in June. Petro popularity is unprecedented, as it's the first time in Columbias modern history that an openly leftist candidate has reached the second round of a presidential vote.
The race is expected to be contentious as Duque, a former Senator, and Petro, a former Mayor of Boaca and a one time rebel, represents opposite sides of the political spectrum. And each has starkly different views on the historic 2016 peace deal with the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, known as FARC.
Duque vehemently opposes the accord and wants to scrap immunity for members of the rebel group convicted of crimes.>> But we need to guarantee that those responsible for crimes are really committed to the country, that they don't fall back to their ways.>> While Petro wants to stick with the agreement.
>> We've given it our all. We are not playing with fire so as to have a Columbia that is in peace. >This is the first presidential election since outgoing President Juan Manuel Santos. Struck the landmark peace accord, ending a half century of civil war in the country