FIRST AIRED: May 29, 2018

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>> The plane is still missing four years on and we're still at square one. I don't know what closure is or when we can attain it, I don't know if we will ever attain it.>> The underwater search for that missing passenger jet, Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370, has come to an end.
There's still no conclusive evidence on what happened to it or why. For the families of the 239 souls aboard, lack of answers has only added to the pain.>> I believe that we shouldn't give up at this point in time because there are still avenues that have not been explored and I don't think every option available to us has been exhausted.
>> Grace Nathan's mother, Anne Daisy, was one of the passengers aboard MH 370 when it was flying between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing in 2014. She and the other families are now waiting for Malaysia's government to release its final report on the incident, which could come in the next few days.
Although there's been no suggestion it will provide the final pieces of the puzzle, only that the government has promised not to censor or omit any information. The Indian Ocean search that stopped on Tuesday was privately funded and headed by a Texas company, Ocean Infinity, after official efforts by Malaysia, China and Australia ended last year.
Malaysia had promised Ocean Infinity up to $70 million if they were successful. Beyond three pieces of the plane's wing found washed ashore, there is little other physical evidence to go on. Australian authorities have previously reported that the plane's captain flew a similar route on his home simulator in the weeks before the flight.
Analysis of radar and satellite contacts has also suggested that the plane's transponder might have been off with the jet deliberately flown off course. But Malaysian investigators say nothing suspicious was found in the crew's background. A group representing MH 370 families has called for Malaysia to review all of its findings.