FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2018

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> 26 year old Fata Kina returned to Senegal last year after a failed attempt to get to Europe left her stranded and penniless in Algeria. She's one of thousands of migrants who took part in a $200 million repatriation scheme, set up by the EU and the UN.
It gives migrants financial help to return home, hopefully taking away their need to head to Europe. But 12 months on, and little has changed for the mother of two. I make no profit after paying for rent and paying for fabric, there's nothing left. The scheme helped her to start a tailoring business in the capital, with a thousand dollar grant.
But, she takes only the equivalent of just $29 in a good month. That's not much more than she was earning when she decided to leave for Europe in the first place. The program has so far returned more than 25,000 people to 14 African countries, making it the biggest repatriation project yet.
It was launched amid alarm over a surge in migrant arrivals and the growing death toll of Africans who never made it to the continent. Experts worry about long term effectiveness of taking people back, and stories from returning migrants reveal the short falls of the project. Had been in Italy for 15 years.
When his papers expired, he was forced onto the streets. An Italian aid agency with funding from the EU helped him return home to Senegal, with enough money to set up a hardware store. He's been struggling ever since.>> When I was working in Italy I would earn one thousand euros per month.
You won't always sell something because you're open. I don't sell anything. It's not like working in Italy.>> Faye says, he might have to close his shop if business doesn't pick up. And wants to try to get to Europe again despite the risk.