FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2018

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llo, how can I help you?>> Hi, I'm calling to book a women's haircut for a client. I'm looking for something on May 3rd.>> Sure, give me one second.>>
Meet the latest Google assistant. She not only gets in her ums and ahs for a human touch but will be able to help book appointments for you even if your favorite salon doesn't have an online booking system.
It's a sci-fi future that Google recently gave us a glimpse of, and it's building on top of a more simple system available today called Reserve with Google, which allows you to book an appointment and pay online. The tool was introduced over a year ago and has been gaining traction.
It's available in 13 countries around the world. So Reuters correspondent Paresh Devay tried it out. He found a yoga class in Oakland.>> Google hasn't said much about how the Reserve with Google feature and Google Search is working yet. But we know from scheduling partners whose software integrate into Google to make this possible that they're saying significant new business has resulted from Reserve with Google, that means for many of them, a majority of the bookings that they're getting through Reserve with Google are totally new business.
>> The service is so seamless and launched with little fanfare that George the co-owner of only learned that Paresh's reservation was made through Google when we told him.>> It was a little bit creepy when I first saw it and I'm just thinking, am I losing control of my business a little bit?
We're a neighborhood gym and we wanna keep things sort of close to the best.>> Still, he says he's willing to give it a try. Extra business is always welcome, after all but he's a bit more wary about the calls from robots that could be part of the future.
But it's on the way.>> No, It's not too busy. You can come for four people, okay?>> I gotcha, thanks.>> Google Assistant plans to start calling for reservations this summer.>> Okay and that was a real call.