FIRST AIRED: May 25, 2018

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>> In a break from normal practice top law enforcement officials on Thursday showed law makers classified materials from the Russia probe after President Donald Trump claimed the FBI may have spied on his campaign. A limited group of Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan and, after a fight, some Democrats, getting a look at the secret documents.
Trump himself had pushed for the meeting suggesting the classified details might show the FBI was biased against him.>> I think people are gonna see a lot of bad things happen.>> Andy Sullivan is following this story.>> Trump's been trying to undermine the Russia probe for months, calling it a witch hunt.
His latest attack is saying that the FBI somehow implanted a spy in his campaign in 2016. There's been no evidence to support this. One of his big supporters of this theory is Devin Nunes, who's Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He's really taken up this cudgel and has pressed the FBI on this matter.
>> The briefings Thursday led by FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence. Trump lawyer Emmet Flood and his chief of staff John Kelly were seen arriving but the White House said they left before the meeting began.>> This information should not be going any place.
>> Democrats have said the effort is a sideshow that puts national security at risk.>> Because this involves Revealing possibly a source or method, it's totally irresponsible.>> The case is being in the hands of special council Robert Mueller for the past year looking at whether his campaign worked with Russia to win the White House.
>> He said Trump is a genius.>> But an FBI informant had reportedly been working with the campaign as early as mid-2016. Trump seizing on that, suggesting it was evidence the FBI was working working against him.>> But I hope it's not true, but it looks like it is.
>> Democrats who attended including House Intelligence Panel Member Adam Schiff said they heard nothing to support Trump's allegation of an FBI spy.