FIRST AIRED: May 29, 2018

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>> Violent video games have long been both popular and controversial, but a new game is provoking a new level of outrage. It's called Active Shooter and it simulates a school shooting.>> You make a game about something in real life that could actually happen to us, that has happened to me.
It's not only offensive, but it's just disgusting. Why would you make a game about a school shooting? That's just so messed up.>> Gamers can choose between playing the active shooter, or the SWAT team first responders. It was developed by Revived Games, and published by a company called, Acid.
Which plans to sell the game for $5 to $10 on video game platform, Steam. Neither Revived Games nor Steam's parent Valve have responded to emails for comment. In a blog post, Acid said Active Shooter doesn't promote violence. The creator suggested he could remove the option to play as the gunmen.
A CNN tracker has counted 23 school shootings in the US so far in 2018. Earlier this month, a gunman killed 10 in a Texas high school, in February, a former student killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida.>> I'm horrified. I'm pissed, my daughter died in an actual school shooting three months ago, along with 16 others.
We just had 10 die in Texas, we've had others, okay? This is simply unacceptable.>> Florida's Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson, lashed out at the gaming company on Twitter, saying it should be ashamed of itself. And on, a petition has been started to ask the gaming platform not to launch the game.