FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2018

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>> Warning! The bad guys online may be up to something big again in the Ukraine. Cisco cyber intelligence unit, Talos, on Wednesday, saying hackers have infected at least half a million routers and storage devices in dozens of countries around the world for a possible cyber attack on Ukraine next month.
And that's big concern as another attack on Ukraine last year in June wreaked havoc. Not just there, but on businesses around the world. Costing them billions of dollars in losses says Reuters cyber security and technology editor Jim Finkle.>> Ukraine has been attacked repeatedly. And because there's been a surge in activity in infections in Ukraine, that's the reason why the researchers think that Ukraine is a target.
And given the history, last June there was the attack in Ukraine where the malware that ended up being called NotPetya and it caused all sorts of destruction.>> Ukraine's Constitution Day in late June celebrated since 1996 after a broke from the Soviet Union has been a targeted day in the past by hackers.
Ukraine politicians blamed Russia for the last year's attack, but the Kremlin has denied it.>> This is a pretty unusual warning, because essentially what's happened is that sophisticated hackers who the researches at Cisco Talos believe were working for the Russian government have infected more than half a million routers and other Internet connective devices around the world in preparation for something.
And we don't know exactly what the something is. But what we do know is what this malware is capable of doing.>> Dubbed by Cisco as the VPNFilter, the malware can cause the infected devices to self-destruct possibly severing communications for an entire network. And another big worry, researchers found a module to the malware that targets industrial networks like ones that run electrical grids.