FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2018

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>> Lawyers for Donald Trump's personal attorney, Micheal Cohen, ordered Wednesday by a federal judge to complete their review of 3.7 million seized files, all in the coming weeks. The files, taken in an FBI raid on Cohen's home and office, are at the center of a criminal investigation into Cohen's business dealings.
A court appointed, so-called special master has been tasked with reviewing whether any of the documents are shielded by attorney-client privilege, before turning them over to prosecutors. So far, Cohen and Trump have made just 252 claims of privilege, allowing nearly 300 items to be handed over to prosecutors. Reuters' Brendan Pierson was at the courthouse, and says other developments overtook the proceedings.
>> I would say the more interesting thing that happened at today's hearing was sort of back and forth accusations between Cohen's lawyers and Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels. Cohen's lawyers have said that Avenatti leaked Cohen's finances to the press. And he hasn't admitted that he was the source of that.
But certainly, some of Cohen's finances have become public in the last couple of months.>> Cohen's lawyers say Avenatti leaked details of payments to Cohen from a company with ties to a Russian oligarch.>> We've done nothing wrong relating to the release of information. We're not under any investigation.
Any claim to the contrary is a bunch of nonsense.>> In court, Cohen's lawyers went after Avenatti, arguing he shouldn't even be in court.>> They say his sort of publicity campaign around this has, or could potentially, stop Cohen from getting a fair trial if he's ultimately charged in this case.
>> Cohen has worked as President Trump's attorney for over a decade, first as counsel at the Trump organization and later as his personal lawyer. The probe into Cohen stems in part from a referral by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating whether Trump's 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia.