FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2018

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>> Tesla isn't getting much love from Consumer Reports. On Monday, the publication many Americans rely on for product reviews criticized the Model 3 sedan, saying it was a thrill to drive, but that it had, quote, big flaws. Consumer Report criticized the long distance it took for the Model 3 to stop in an emergency braking test, and said the controls on a center touchscreen were hard to use.
Tesla says its own testing shows a much shorter braking distance than the magazine's results. But all this comes as Tesla deals with an increasing number of safety investigations involving crashes. Routers correspondent Alexandria Sage.>> This failure to recommend the Model 3 comes at a time of lots of scrutiny on Tesla.
They are facing more skepticism over their finances, they've had a spate of crashes, some of which were fatal, some were not, some involving fires. Also some involving their autopilot, semi autonomous function. So there's a lot of things going on at Tesla right now. There are a lot of moving parts.
And certainly the failure to get a recommendation from this very influential magazine, Consumer Reports, does not help.>> The slam from Consumer Report took the shine off of Tesla's shares that had risen over 4% on Monday morning, after a string of tweets by CEO Elon Musk showed the company was aiming to deliver more profitable additions of the model three.
Musk said a model three with all options except autopilot, would cost 78 grand, and that Tesla had to focus first on delivering those, rather than the basic model three, that costs $35,000. Tesla has been struggling with ramping up production of the Model 3, a car that's supposed to be its first mass-market vehicle and key to the company's profitability and future.