FIRST AIRED: May 21, 2018

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>> A moment of silence, Monday in Santa Fe Texas, in memory of the ten killed in a high school shooting on Friday. Mourners here at the makeshift memorial at Santa Fe High School leaving notes and flowers. As the community lays their neighbors to rest, its leaders step forward with proposals on how to prevent the next tragedy.
But in Texas, gun control is not one of them. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, who attended a funeral Sunday for one of the victims at the shooting. Convened talks with educators, parents, and elected officials Monday about ways to improve school security without infringing on the right to bear arms.
This was Abbot just weeks ago at the NRA's annual convention in Dallas,Texas.>> The problem is not guns, the problem is hearts without God. It's homes without discipline, it's communities without values.>> Whereas the shooting in Parkland, Florida, may have sparked a national movement and much soul searching in Florida.
That's unlikely to happen in deep red Texas, where Reuters Jon Hershkowitz is reporting.>> One, the political dynamics are different between here and Florida. Florida is more of a contested state between Democrats and Republicans. This is a Republican dominated state, and Republicans are not in favor of gun control.
Republicans who are backing gun control will find it will hurt them politically more than it helps them politically.>> Two teachers and eight students were killed after 17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis armed, with his fathers shotgun and 14 caliber pistol, opened fire on his classmates. He confessed to the killings after he was taken into custody.
One of the victims, Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh, her father, Aziz Sheikh, said on Monday he hoped the death of his daughter would spur gun control in the United States.