FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2018

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>> China's government says it will quote, open it's doors wider to German businesses and trade. As US President Donald Trump threatens both countries with severe import tariffs. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in China now and facing a trade war, it could appear that she and Chinese President Xi Jinping are saying, the trade adversary of my trade adversary, is my friend.
But as Reuters' Ben Blanchard explains, the Chinese-German relationship is actually way more complicated.>> On the one hand, certainly, the Germans do have a lot of common interests, in that they're both concerned about these trade disputes. With the United States, but on the other hand, the Germans are of course, actually share a lot of the concerns that the Americans have.
The Chinese, for their part, they say that the Germans actually treat a lot of the Chinese investments in Germany unfairly. The Germans say, well China treats our companies unfairly. For example, it's much more difficult for a German company to buy a Chinese one, than the other way around.
Germany's also concerned about a big Chinese government initiative, to develop more high tech industry by 2025.>> The Germans say, well, we don't know where the money comes from, from a lot of these companies. They say that they're private, are they really private companies? Is this not actually Chinese government money that's coming in?
And they say also, well it's unfair for German firms, because German firms have a lot of investment restrictions when it comes to China.>> Trump may still drive them together. On Wednesday, Washington announced a probe into vehicle imports, on national security grounds. Suggesting that foreign cars were hurting American innovation.
Merkel is also expected to discuss the Iran nuclear agreement while in Beijing. China is one of the remaining signatories, after the US pulled out