FIRST AIRED: November 17, 2017

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>> More than a half century after Audrey Hepburn starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the landmark New York jewelry store is making the film's title a reality. The newly opened Blue Box Cafe, reflective of the retailer's iconic gift box, offering lunch, tea and, yes, breakfast at Tiffany at it's flagship Fifth Avenue store.
The serene dining spot is hardly a sudden brainstorm. The high-end brand has been mulling the idea for years now prompted to action giving the reshaping of the retail landscape.>> I think with .com and being able to buy almost anything online from your or home, why would you come to a store?
Well, you come to a store to really be part of a bigger experience.>> As with Lululemon's yoga classes or Urban Outfitters in-store pizza joints, bricks and mortar businesses are having to up the ante in the phase of digital competition and shifting demographics says Reuters correspondent, Barbara Goldberg.
>> Particularly with millennials, they're not as interested in what has been really the Tiffany brand item, which was the solitaire engagement ring. They're not interested in traditional jewelry.>> But a Blue Box breakfast even if a bit pricey at $29 a person, may lure those for whom Audrey Hepburn's iconic French twist, pearls and little black dress are still considered classically hip.
The food's colorful display also tailor made for shoppers glued to their smartphones.>> I mean, I think that everything that we do these days has to be Instagrammable.>> And appealing to even the youngest Holly Golightly fan.