FIRST AIRED: November 16, 2017

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least 15 countries, two U.S. states, all of them wowed to help each other phase out coal entirely within 13 years. The announcement being made at a major climate conference in Bonn, designed to further implement the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Coal is responsible for over 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions.
Britain and Canada leading the charge on the list joined by others, including France, Mexico, Austria, and New Zealand, the states of Washington and Oregon also signing up. Who's not on the list? The U.S. Federal Government, and that's no surprise. President Donald Trump did withdraw the country from the Paris agreement.
And the US delegation in Bonn is actually pushing more coal use through so called clean coal technologies. Other big coal burners like China and India, also not on the list. These images taken from New Delhi the same day that the announcement was made. The city's been wracked for weeks with choking smog that triggered a health crisis.
But Germany is also not on the list, and its exclusion comes just a day after Chancellor Angela Merkel actually lauded American states like Washington and like Oregon for challenging Trump on environmental issues at the same conference.>>
> The omission's likely because German lawmakers have been in negotiations with the Chancellor to form a new government all week, and the pace of the country's exit from coal has been dominating those talks.