FIRST AIRED: November 16, 2017

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Is it the quickest way to get stronger growth? If we want stronger growth, sustained stronger growth we increase immigration. We have instead of a million immigrants come into the country every year, which adds a half a point to growth every year, we add two million immigrants. Which is precisely the legislation that got through the Senate back in 2013 to double.
We should invite the best and the brightest to come and stay here for sure but and they would come because this is the best place on a planet to do business.>> What are the challenge there though? And this brings up political realities. I'm a believer that artificial intelligence is gonna have a significant disruption or create significant disruption in the workforce.
People who just deal with data and scheduling and moving things around, those jobs are gone in five to ten years.>> I'll take the other side of that.>> It's gone.>> Write it down. I'll take the other side.>> You'll take the other side of that?>> Yeah.
Our biggest problem is not too much productivity growth, our problem today is too little productivity growth.>> I'm just telling you, Mark, that when I talk to large corporations the projections are 30% fewer employees. Now maybe us entrepreneurs can pick up the slack and over the long run I think that happened and historically that's what happened.
But in the short run we have seen significant disruption particularly in industries and particularly with the lower hanging fruit. And I think we're going to see that again.