FIRST AIRED: November 28, 2017

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>> He's the man with Angela Merkel's fate in his hands. German social Democrat leader Martin Schulz setting out his vision for a new grand coalition on Monday, that just days after he had ruled out any such deal.>>
> She says her main goal is to bring stability to Germany as soon as possible, so it can deal with global uncertainty and be ready for European elections in 2019. Added pressure from France as it looks to Germany for a strong partner to help carry out President Emmanuel's Macron's EU reforms.
>> Schulz speaking ahead of preliminary talks due to begin on Thursday. He said no options are off the table. But while no one can say where the discussions will lead, obligations towards Europe will be at the heart of them. The same sentiment being voiced my Merkel on Monday.
Another grand coalition would be a dramatic uturn. The SBD suffered its worst result in 70 years in September's elections, after which Schulz refused to team up with Merkle, and instead, took his party into opposition. Now there's hope the new talks will bring Germany closer to solving its worst political crisis since World War II.
If they fail, it could mean fresh elections, either way it seems nothing will happen straight away. A source from within Merkel's camp says serious talks may not begin until next year, and when they do, the chance that its leadership could face yet another test. So many SPD say for a grant coalition rerun their prize would be Merkel's head