FIRST AIRED: November 17, 2017

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nyan police fire tear gas at a convoy carrying opposition leader, Raila Odinga, on Friday. He'd just landed in Nairobi after a trip to the US, police were trying to stop him from reaching the capital's business district.>>
> A Reuters photographer says two people were killed as police and demonstrators fought on one of the main roads.
Odinga's supporters have wanted to welcome him, despite a partial ban on protests in the city. But they were pushed back with water cannons and tear gas, some threw stones at police in retaliation. Odinga has called for a so called National Resistance Movement to protest against the outcome of a repeated presidential election.
Incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta won a second five year term in that poll. He won 98% of votes cast in October, but only 39% of registered voters took part. Most of Odinga's supporters heeded his call and boycotted that contest, which was a rerun of an earlier disputed poll. The Supreme Court annulled the results of the first August election, over procedural irregularities, Kenyatta won that one, too.
On Monday, the Supreme Court will meet again. Judges could order yet another re-run, or clear the way for Kenyatta to be sworn in. It's seen as the last for legal scrutiny of the vote, but any verdict could result in yet more violence. Human rights groups say at least 66 people have died in bloodshed surrounding the two elections.
The prolonged election season has stirred fears for stability in the East African nation and disrupted its economy.