FIRST AIRED: December 3, 2017

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>> In the 80s they were close allies who together dismantled Communism in Hungary. Now the two are entangled in a deepening feud. US financier, George Soros, calls Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, a dangerous autocrat. In his latest comments he accuses him of oppressing his country.>>
> By election time they will establish civil centers which will work like campaigning parties. Meaning the Soros network has entered the Hungarian election campaign.>> At the heart of the conflict is immigration.
I think the current system is more oppressive than it was during the Russian occupation.>> Orban says Soros is trying to undermine him and that he's interfering with Hungarian politics by supporting opposition groups. The situation deteriorating on Friday when he vowed to use all means necessary to combat Soros, including using the Secret Services.
Orban said on public radio that officials had proof the financier was backing a network of NGO's in Hungary and Europe.>>
Orban says it's an existential threat to Europe, while Soros promotes controlled immigration and aid to migrants. The billionaire has opened two centers in the East and South of the country to fund local education and healthcare. But he says immigration and politics will not be on their agenda. A looming general election in April, the backdrop to the escalating conflict.
Poll suggest Orban's ruling Fidesz party is the strong favorite for a third consecutive term.