FIRST AIRED: November 29, 2017

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>> Free from a jail in Zimbabwe and spared a 20 year sentence, Pastor Evan Mawarire found not guilty of attempting to subvert the government on Wednesday. He organized the #thisflag demonstrations last year, one of the biggest protests in a decade against former President Robert Mugabe. Who resigned under pressure from the army last week after 37 years in power.
>> We should never have been arrested. We should never have been intimidated. We should never have been beaten. We should never have been accused the way that we've been accused. And it should never happen again.>> The pastor had led the protests against a declining economy, cash shortages, and high level corruption.
His case was closely watched as a test of judicial independence, as Mugabe's critics say he used the courts as a tool of repression. Mawarire says it's too early to say if the verdict is evidence of a freer country. But Zimbabweans are keen to see if new President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was sworn in on Friday breaks with the past.
It's a difficult task, as he had served in Mugabe's administration since 1980. And economic issues remain as difficult as ever, with rampant inflation just one of the problems. On Wednesday, UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said Britain could help with loans and steps to stabilize Zimbabwe's currency system.