FIRST AIRED: November 16, 2017

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>> The Holy Bible is on display along with high tech exhibits in a 430,000 square foot building in Washington DC. This is the Museum of the Bible which opens to the public on November 17th. Its got stained glass windows, Biblical art, fragments of dead sea scrolls and an exhibit showcasing the Bible's influence in the modern world.
>> Museum is for all.>> The museum is founded by Hobby Lobby CEO, Steve Green. Green and Hobby Lobby have in the past, staked out political positions popular with conservative evangelicals. But Green says the museum is not just for Christians.>> Even if you're an atheist, we want you to feel comfortable coming in here realizing that we're not pushing our agenda, our faith-
>> Still, the Bible Museum comes with controversy. Earlier this year, Hobby Lobby agreed to forfeit thousands of illegally smuggled ancient Middle-Eastern treasures. Including some 5500 artifacts purchased by Hobby Lobby that originated from Iraq and shipped into the US under false labels. The Justice Department says the arts and craft company paid $3 million to settle the civil charges.
Hobby Lobby said they made mistakes in relying on dealers and shippers who quote, did not understand the correct way to document and ship them. Green says he want to be transparent about the items currently on display.>> But we are engaging leading scholars ourselves. And they're doing research, if there is something that's not what he claims to be we wanna know about it and we will share if find that out.
>> Some scholars believe forgeries could still be here, among the vast collection just a few blocks away from the US capital