FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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a jury did week linking regular use of Johnson and Johnson talcum powder to a woman debt from ovarian cancer spurring outcry from consumers but what's the real danger waiters health editor Michelle Gerstenberg and there is no scientific consensus right now on regarding how can the potential risk of ovarian cancer , I'm the concern around you to talcum powder and beat back to the eighties to Harvard researcher who found out what he said was a signal of an increased risk for women who use talcum powder everyday and ovarian cancer up the tent and I subsequent research hasn't found the pain level of increased risk until even today the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists and there is no scientific consensus around a danger but that didn't stop us English jury from ordering Johnson and Johnson to pay seventy two million dollars in damages to the victim's family talcum powders are made of cow a mineral comprised of magnesium silicon and oxygen that absorb moisture in its natural form somehow contain asbestos unknown carcinogen , but all commercial products sold in the U. S. have been inspected free since the nineteen seventies how modern date how could cause cancer is up for debate and studies have been limited there are reasonably good chance that this verdict will be contested in Saint Louis court I or you can potentially appealed on and in addition we know that similar lawsuits connecting talcum powder cocaine Sir on may not you know may not lead to the same result because different juries could , an agency of the World Health Organization has classified to use it how great body powder on the genitals and clothes possibly carcinogenic to humans Johnson and Johnson for its part maintains a powder safety is supported by decades of scientific evidence