FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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it's a look inside the taking of one of America's most notorious enemy newly declassified documents seized in the raid on Osama bin laden's compound show an increasingly paranoid leader of al Qaeda as waiters editor Warren Strobel they depict an al Qaeda that's a really under stress through the year two thousand nine to two thousand eleven favorite shows bin laden being and it's people being really paranoid about tracking devices , up to the point where his wife , but he was also very concerned with the al Qaeda brand eroticism bin laden is increasingly worried I think about the image of his organization , %HESITATION funny as that may sound and he talks about the need to not kill fellow Muslims in in terrorist attacks , on any given planning a big glass or media blitz to improve al Qaeda's image on the tenth anniversary of the September two thousand one attacks which you want to , when September two thousand eleven and of course the bin laden was killed by US navy seals may two thousand and four that anniversary occurred among the documents was bin laden's will with instructions on how to disperse twenty nine million dollars requesting that most of it be used to continue global jihad another docking which letter to his father when she talks again of his own death and incestuous father I hope that arm , your memory well even if you disagree with the things that I've done it a lot and also had final word for his executioner Heathrow gently chides president Obama for not completing withdrawal from Afghanistan for failing to solve the Israeli Palestinian peace process believe or not he talked about the importance of global climate change an issue , could operate and speak on on the global stage